XYZ The Leggin Generations

Is it just me or is everyone wearing those black figure hugging stretchy 'tights' without feet we call leggins?

Have the majority of us gotten so lax with our dress code that we just find comfort in putting on a pair of these bum hugging body gripping, bulge grabbing things and getting away with a longer top over them? Why not wear leg warmers as well and get back to the good 'ol FAME days.

Yes it started a couple of years ago, we discovered that leggins are the most versatile piece of clothing in our wardrobe, dress them up with a scarf and see how they go with everything. No longer just worn by the pregnant lady who feels at ease wearing them, or the passionate fitness freak but now take a look around and it’s not just the Z gens who are sporting them but its cross generational! That's right; leggins have taken over the whole end of the alphabet!

I once considered them only to be worn in the gym (wouldn't be caught dead in them out of the gym) but now snapping up $8 leggins at BIGW (yes i know that because I am pregnant and I need leggins...OK???) Even Jean manufacturers are making 'jeggins', SERIOUSLY?? REALLY??? It’s only .5% of the population who can fit into them anyway, and that's definitely not me.

It really is a health risk in Qld with so much humidity…there should be a national alert. So check it out, have a look around as you realize you are surrounded by them at shopping centres, and let’s all do our best to go beyond the ‘comfort’ zone.