Welcome to the blog spot

Its been nearly 8 years since the building was taken back over to turn it into the mountain icon it is today. Once upon a time it was blue..I remember fondly going over the selection list for color schemes, business name, let alone the type of chairs and tables there were to be...oh the list was endless.. I remember the hunt for the 'right' chair cushion, with the 'specific' color which was traveled all over SE Qld to acquire, with many a day spent in the car going from furniture place to hospitality specialist..Many a detailed discussion about how long people sit for, estimated time of numb-bumness and how important it was for people to feel comfy enough to stay for the next few pages of the paper, and have another brewed to perfection coffee. It had to feel like home.
It definitely was not without its trials, and with out that range of herbal teas and coffees (and a few brews) it could of turned on its head, and turned us raving mad, however a small business has many a challenge, but so does life so I wont go into it, but its self drive and determination and a coming together of a united front that leads us to where we are now.
I think we love a challenge..and will persevere....it takes a team.
BTW..those chair cushions you are sitting on, have been replaced, or upholstered so we never wear thin.

So now with so many memories its time to share a few good stories I hope you enjoy, and to the 100 thousand people who visit us every year, THANK YOU for making it feel like we are needed.