The thing about coffee from an animals bottom....

Now for coffee drinkers or lovers or whatever you class yourself as, there is plenty of variety to keep you satisfied, sane and for the most part, just that little bit calmer in the mornings. There is an abundance of shops serving coffee; the best of which have the full on coffee machine thing happening, the full time barista going off and surrounded by coffee grounds and chocolate dusting, and a shop full of people willing to wait for the best. The worst of which has a push button machine to satisfy the 'International' blend lover..ewwwww

Did you know that fresh ground coffee made from organic beans - pesticide free, keeps the brain and muscle tissue young...but if you go and use commercial milk and the all time biggest killer of the human race...SUGAR it reduces the health value dramatically.
Best to stick to short blacks or the lucrative beans (Kopi Luwak) collected from the excretions of the Asian Palm Civet (a small rodent like creature in Indonesia). Then you can be sure that it is 'Ala Natural'....I happen to have some in my fridge, horribly expensive but as coffee goes..sold for the story, not the quality. In another ironic twist, now Kopi Luwak is big business, so its no longer naturally collected. Now Civet farming is done under intensive farming conditions in which the caged Civets are force fed the berries......a bit like foie much for the organic variety huh?

There are studies upon studies of how coffee can be good for you, or bad, just depending on who does the research. At the moment (and i have indemnity as this information could change tomorrow) it CAN lower your risk of type 2 diabetes, Parkinson's disease,stroke, dementia, and cancers of all sorts...I think the important word here is CAN, not WILL.
Its the caffeine we are all hunting, its the widest used legal drug in the world, levels of which are dependent on bean, roast, grind, and last and very important the brewing method. Did you know that drip coffee, because of its longer brewing time has more caffeine than an espresso? The finer the grind, the higher the caffeine level. Although some can have side effects with coffee such as heart palpitations, a diuretic result, or stomach cramping, it is the worlds most consumed food group, that's right, a food group. As with foods the darker pigment foods are better for you, so the darker the roast the better.
So for the best tips on howto take as much quality caffeine as possible;
1) Purchase sustainable coffee beans
2) Look for whole beans and grind them yourself
3) Drink it black
4) when using a drip machine, use non bleached filters
5) Choose your vessel wisely, a ceramic travel mug, BPA free container or glass is the best

But really....most of us just want their cup of coffee in the morning, plain and simple, its the fundamental start to our day. After all we cant all afford Kopi Luwak at $700 per kg.