The Pot Revolution

Now for coffee drinkers or lovers or whatever you class yourself as, there is aplenty to keep you satisfied, sane and for the most part, just that little bit calmer in the mornings. There is an abundance of shops serving coffee; the best of which have the full on coffee machine thing happening, the full time barista going off and surrounded by coffee grounds and chocolate dusting.

However take a quick peek over your shoulder as up comes the rise of the tea consumer, with hundreds of varieties at their fingertips, a depth of palate and punch, an array of aroma that stimulates all sensors, and a satisfaction that you pay for a pot and it lasts for 2 cups, not just one. (so there coffee lovers..). With a history dating back to the 16th century, that I am not going to bore you with as you can Google it yourselves, tea has been re-vamped in a fashion that would make most products envious. For the last 5 or so years it has been on the rise, and I for one, had never really opened my eyes to the wow factor.

I visited a lovely tea place on Mt Tamborine going back a bit, and I'm not sure weather they had something hypnotic brewing out the back, but after an hour of smelling tin after tin of amazing teas, I spent $70 on tea.....???? In fact I still have a little...I was smitten with all the ways that you could utilize it; yes, make a damn fine pot of tea and linger in the aromas while reading the weekend newspapers in the sun, (they were the days before kids), you can infuse your rice with it so you obtain those subtle aromas that go best with Asian, Indian or sushi to make them a wow experience, tenderize tough meat, sooth razor burn, stop stinky feet, give your rose bushes a needed lift using new or old bags, we can put the bags on tired eyes, lastly, one of the best cures for mum is to make her a pot of tea...simple.
The fact is; we were made to have a curious side that some will attempt to quell, others not. If you find something really interesting that can improve, or change your life, why not?? As they say, life is short. Its a small win to find something that brings a small amount of joy, among the plentiful new products out there, and its mainly on the recommendation of our friends that we choose to make that step forward.

The new tea revolution is found within the pot, that is to say that within a tea bag, only the tea dust is found, if you brew a pot of tea from leaves, now that is the real deal. There are of course the three types of tea; traditional black, green and herbal infused.

Herbal tea, isn't made with 'tea' as we know it, its made with the infusion of all the hippy stuff that some of us erk at, but others have been using for ages; y'know; roots, sticks, leaves, branches, flowers and all that jazz. (it's what my 4 year old insists she has for lunch at pre school everyday). The following are, according to Best Health website the Top 7 Teas that will make you healthier; peppermint, chamomile, rooibos, lemon balm, milk thistle & dandelion, rosehip and ginger. The last I can greatly attest to as I have a cup of ginger tea (Rochester Ginger) every night i'm addicted.

I think the main thing here is when new tea drinkers look at this sort of a list, they think...BORING...the only interesting tea in there is rooibos, and because of that Spice of Life stocks 5 different rooibos selections. People want to try tea and see why there is such a revolution, they are after the new exciting interesting flavours; quince, lime & coconut, mango, blood orange, Japanese cherry, rhubarb & cream, vanilla chai, just to name a but a few. They have to be available to try, to convert that small percentage who are willing to make the step forward, hence why the tea drinker is very much looked after at a good cafe. The selection will be broad and the staff willing to let a tea newby have a smell...70% of your interpretation is in the aroma, 30% in the palate.. so get smelling and start enjoying a good cup of tea again.
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